Saturday, 15 August 2009

The one about the rough sea and a little girl not feeling too good .....

This is the first time Aimee understands about going to Ireland and she has being so excited for the last week, constantly asking when are we going, and we have to count out the days. We marked the day on her calendar so she could mark them off herself, so then I got "5 more days, four more days, etc. I didn't think she would sleep Sunday night but she did! On Monday morning at 1:00 am we set out for Holyhead to take the 3hour ferry to Ireland. The girls slept all the way, I slept some of the way. We arrived at the Ferry port at about 5:00 am. The girls woke to go to the toilet and then went to sleep until we were due to board. We found some seats, Chloe went straight back to sleep, but Steve, Aimee and I were hungry, so we went to have breakfast. We went back to our seats, Steve went to sleep, I read some of my book (I am re-reading the Twilight series, getting ready for the next movie, lol) and Aimee played on her DS. All was well until the sea got rough and Aimee piped up "Mummy I'm not feeling so good", I told her to try and get some sleep, she laid down but then said it was worse. So I said do you want to go out on deck, she immediately agreed. So we stayed out on deck and she enjoyed it.

Rough sea and crazy hair!

We headed back inside to go to the toilet, and discovered that a magic show was about to begin. So we decided to stay and watch, luckily this also took Aimee's mind off her not feeling too good.

About 15 mins into the show, he wanted a volunteer, so of course Aimee wanted to do it. She crossed her legs (we were sitting on the floor, to stop us from falling, lol the rest of the audience decided to join us), put a big smile on her face and held up her hand. He picked her ....

This is the trick of the magic wand going all floppy, he passed the wand to Aimee and asked to hold it straight, whatever way Aimee held the wand it stayed upright, the magician looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

He fixed the wand so now it flopped!

In this one he said he had a magic hat like Harry Potter's ......

Once Aimee discovered what was on her head she was not impressed, lol

This is the one where he had lots of different scarfs, every time he pulled one out of his pocket he asked Aimee to hold it and not let it drop, Aimee let the first two drop and then caught all the rest, he even tried to move the red one around but she still managed to catch it.

Voila la, all the scarfs into one, Aimee was quite impressed when she saw this!
He then thanked Aimee and asked her type of balloon animal she would like, she answered a rabbit, so he set to and started making one, as he went on he said, the thing about this rabbit is he is going to a fancy dress party and he is dressed as a dog!!!!!

He took his friend Squawk out and preceded to have some fun with the kids.

At the end of the show I asked if he would pose for a photo, and he very kindly did, I am sorry to say I never got his name! One the way back to England on the ferry they had a children's room instead of a magician, ah well!

I brought Aimee back out on deck when I noticed we were nearing Ireland, and these are photos of her with Ireland in the background!

BTW the beautiful frames that I have around my photos (decided to update these too) can be found on Kristine's blog Lost in Creativity. She designed the frames herself and calls them Grunge Frames, so if you are lazy like me and didn't want to design your own, pop over to Kristine's place, she gives fantastic tutorials on how to use the frames. She also gives tutorials on doing different things in photo shop, so her blog is definitely worth a look, she is also a fantastic crafter!



LazyKay said...

GREAT GREAT GREAT pics - esp the wild hair one! What a great idea to have an entertainer - never saw that before.

Last time I was on the ferry I had to keep catching my breakfast as it slid past me each time the ferry lurched - but the breakfast was good!


Tracey said...

Wow what a good idea you went out on deck the scenery is beautiful, I can only imagune the lump you must have had in your throat as you approached this beautiful shore line, lovely pics Helena XXX

Tracey said...

ooooops ignore the spelling mistakes above, I wish my fingers would work as quick as my brain - it shouldn't be that hard lol!!!! I also meant to say how good the magic show looks, I can just picture the fun Aimee had with him, he looks like he put on a good show XXX