Saturday, 25 July 2009

Cleethorpes Carnival Day

We went to see the carnival today, down Cleethorpes sea front! While we were waiting for the air show to start, I took some photos of Aimee

The worst part of the day were these bugs, they were everywhere and landed on you in droves!!!

The following planes are Spitfires. Aimee really enjoyed the display!

During the "break" we got an ice cream.

Don't know what type of plane this was. But as it went higher it seemed to drop and then start to fly again, fantastic to watch.

Then it was time for the parade, I have just added some of the photos that I liked, took lots!

The little princess of the carnival

A tribute to Michael Jackson from one of the local dance groups.

These 3 wheeled cards amazed me when I first saw them when I came to England.

Another tribute to the King of Pop, (RIP)

Captain Jack Sparrow!

Beautiful Chinese Dragons

I have another photo of this boy with his eyes opened, but this one seemed to fit better with the 70's theme, lol

For some reason there were 100's of ladybirds around, and Aimee was getting so upset as there were lots of them squashed on the footpath, she managed to rescue any of the live ladybirds that she saw and put them on bushes beside the footpaths ....

lets just say it took a long, long time to get to where we wanted to be!


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LazyKay said...

BRILL pics - esp that last one!