Saturday, 25 July 2009

At Long, long last .....

I got a phone call tonight to say that my brother John has at long last proposed to his girlfriend Mairead! YEAH!!!!! Mairead has been an unofficial member of our family for the last 10 years! My parents adore her, I couldn't think of anyone better for John and my 2 girls think the world of both of them!

Today John whisked Mairead off to Dingle for the day and night and at dinner he proposed to her! I don't know all the full details yet as we are going to Ireland soon for a holiday and I want to wait till then, I do know that NO ONE including Mairead knew this was going to happen! He picked out a ring (solitaire, I think) himself!

Edited on 14 August 2009 to say:-
John proposed to Mairead on one of their favourite beaches, down on one knee and all. The ring is stunning!!!!

Now that explains the strange text that I got off of him a few days ago, wanting to know exactly when we were coming over ... mmmh!

I couldn't be happier and now all I want to know when is the wedding, lol!!!!!

Congradulations John and Mairead


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LazyKay said...

OMG an Irish wedding - hope you stock up on sleep and energy for the event!