Sunday, 21 June 2009

Aimee's card .....

Chloe wasn't happy with hers and asked me not to post it on my blog, so I won't. Here's Aimee's ....

Aimee saw the card I was making and wanted a photo of herself and Steve on the front of hers! Aimee loves sticking things on photos, (see the very cute tie Steve is wearing) and I have to stop my self from saying NOOOOO!!!! lol

Aimee also wrote a little verse in the inside ....

You make the music in my heart .... ahhhhh!!! Watching too much High School Musical, me thinks, lol!!!

Steve got money from us as I couldn't get out to get anything for him, (see previous post for my story of woe!), his choice for tea, the very unoriginal pair of slippers, 4 chocolate cupcakes with a football theme and a black forest gateau cake!

And here is my card!

This is actually one of our wedding shots! Slushy, mushy verse inside that I won't share in case you are physically ill.


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