Monday, 13 April 2009

Lots and Lots of photos .....

Following on from the last post .... this is how I altered the lantern.

Below are photos of the lantern that Debbie from the library, she runs an after school craft club. I went a few times with the girls last year, and I even directed a class. She gave me the lantern at Christmas as a thank you, I was so very touched at her thoughtfulness. Unfortunately with Aimee going to another school, we can't make the afternoon club anymore!

When I saw the lantern I knew straight away wanted I wanted to do with it, turn it into Tinkerbell's house! I knew it was going to take a long time to do, so I waited until this half term get started on it. It took me days, I only finished it tonight and some of the stickles was still wet while taking the photos, there was a lot of drying time in this project, which I sooo hate!

I took the lantern apart and nearly ended up in hospital when the knife slipped a few times!!! I discarded the candle holder as the mushroom would be too big in the house.

I painted the house with a green acyclic paint, before painting I mixed in glitter with the paint, even though you can't really see it, it does "bling".

I did the same with the roof, you can see it better in the photo below. I was going to decorate the roof too, but decided not too.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I re-visited my childhood and played with paper mache. I made these strange things below, which I painted green and glued to the side corners of the house. (See second photo below, I have it arrowed) I wanted to put a lot of flowers on the house, but had no way of attaching them. You can hardly see them now!

Now to the egg!

This is how the mushroom first started out, a polystyrene egg shape. I chopped it in half to make the mushroom.

A close up of the "mushroom" that Tink is sitting on, (see below) as I mentioned in the last post I forgot to take a photo before I added the flowers. I painted the ""egg" with red acyclic paint and then added cream paint as dots, I then stuck a whole load of flowers and leaves of all different sorts around the mushroom! I also glued a rose bud to Tink's hand!

Nearly there, at last!

In the photo below you can kind of see the Daisies that I stuck on the back panel sides of the house. Also the photo shows in more detail the flowers, butterflies, dragonflies that I stuck onto the house.

Now all I had to do was glue the top part to the bottom part, without knocking everything off, lol!! Manged it, phew, then I stuck a whole load of flowers and leaves around the base of the house, and stickled them!!!!!!

I used silicone glue for everything on the house, if you would like more details or the product names (if I have them) on any materials that I used please contact me, as I am not going to bother to put a product list as it would take me forever to do so!

I am still not finished with it yet, I want to add more butterflies, dragonflies and ladybirds to it, I could get them online but I want to see them IRL before I buy. The black and red butterflies were in a pack that I got ages ago, it did have white ones but I used all them on other projects! The dragonflies I have had for ages and you can often see them popping up on my cards or layouts, all I done was twist the pins off the back of the brad and glue them down with silicone glue. Ladybirds I had none :( thought I had. I will take photos of the house when I add more to it, this could be a long process. lol.

If you have read all of this thank you so much!



Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

Wow!!! Wow!! Wow!!! tHIS IS now I know what the half an egg was for!!
It really does look like Tinkerbells House!! I bet you are thrilled with the end result!

Mine is waiting for some Prima Vines but like you I want to see them in person...(hint hint Tracey).

I'll keep my eye out for a ladybird for you. Have seen some stunning butterflies recently but no-one has listed who made them...I think they must be Prima because they are soooo pretty.

Bet your easter weekend flew by with all that painting and drying going on!! .....Back to school so soon:(

Love Ruth xxx

Donna said...

Oh Wow Helena, that is absolutely gorgeous, what a work of art. I love it, so much hard work went into it but well worth it when it was done.

Absolutely fabulous

Paulien van den Bosch said...

oh god...... this is sooooo beyond words, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

BA said...

oh this is so beautiful!!!!!
xoxoxo BA

LazyKay said...

Eggcellent! I wondered what you were going to do with that egg and what a great job you've done on that house - I'm sure Tinkerbell will be happy in this magical house.


Tracey said...

LOL I must admit I was also wondering what the egg was destined for and the papier mache 'thingies' nothing I could have imagined, this is truly whimsical, beautiful and soooooooo PERFECTLY Tinkerbell !!!!!!!(picking jaw up off the floor)