Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Sketch Make Over!

As I said I wasn't happy with this layout so I gave it a little make over!!!

and here it is now!

Sherrise on gave me her honest opinion:- "My only suggestion is to change the title to Daddy's girls. As it is, it seems as if you are talking about your girls.. and there's a man in all three pictures, lol. I love that you have three pics of him at different ages with the girls, that is very cool!"

Thank you so much Sherrise, I quite like the layout now!!!!

Luckily I had 2 sheets of the same card stock, I measured and cut the second sheet to fit just underneath the stripy paper, I used the ribbon and brads to hid the join!!!!

I was in my LSS yesterday and spotted some alpha metal brads (made by Colorbok), got them and I used the D and G from that pack! I had some more metal alpha brads at home, (from the same company), which made up the rest of the letters!

The metal heart came off of one of the girls old school trousers and I just added a little ribbon!

TFL again lol


Marsha said...

Beautiful layout! Didn't see it before but it ROCKS now! That's really cool you were able to use the heart

Queen of Chaos said...

This LO is fantastic! I really like it. :)

Ellie said...

Great layout.

Tracey said...

Yes the title does seem better and I like the creative way you changed the layout XXX