Sunday, 14 December 2008

Fantastic Gifts ....

Okay so today was my birthday!!!!

I got some fantastic presents!
First card I opened was from Aimee, then Chloe, then Steve's he had wrote the most beautiful message inside!
Then to their presents to me ....
Aimee and Chloe gave me vouchers for my LSS ....
Then I opened Steve's ......

What is it you might ask, well its a portable light tent. Steve got fed up of me complaining that I couldn't get any decent shots when the weather was yucky and also of the few choice words that I have been known to utter, lol!!!! Thank you to my wonderful little family, love you all, XXXX

The next card that I opened was from my mum and dad, they have given me money to spend in my LSS, yipee!!

The next card that I opened was from Tracey, wow!!!! This photo does not do it justice at all!!! I really need to learn how to use my tent properly!

I then opened the present that she gave me, wow again, been after these for awhile now! Thank you TraceyXXXX

Then I opened a card from Steve's Dad and Brenda, Brenda is also a card maker and she made me this beautiful and stunning card

Inside were vouchers for my LSS, yipee, yipee!!!!! Thank you Peter and Brenda, xxxx

I then opened Georgia and Ben's present to me ....

Isn't this fantastic, but do I have the guts to place a photo of me in the frame, lol
Thank you Georgia and Ben, (wink)

BTW all these photos were taken inside the light tent, I know they are not perfect yet, a lot better than I could of got without it though, and I shall be playing with it!

I opened Ruth and Mark's gift to me which was more vouchers for my LSS, (I feel a spending spree coming on, lol), which were inside a beautiful handmade gift box, Thank you Mark and Ruth

Steve, the girls and I were joined by Peter and Brenda for lunch at a local pub/restaurant. The meal was gorgeous. I had made a sticky toffee pudding and rhubarb pie with ice-cream or custard or cream, for afters so we came back to our house and had them. We spent the afternoon chatting and laughing. It was a great day, thanks Peter and Brenda for joining us.

A pic I took of the girls and Brenda


Tracey said...

So glad you had such a lovely day, just goes to show much you are loved XXX

LazyKay said...

WOW what a great gift for your photography - and all the other ones too.

So pleased you had a great day.

Not had time to blog hop lately but I'll catch up with you after the chaos is over!


*Sally* said...

what wonderfully thoughtful gifts!
I do like that light tent!

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

Happy Birthday, you look like you all had a lovely day.

With all those Gift Vouchers you'll be set up for another year in papers!!!

Love Ruth xxx

Jamie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Your cards and gifts are gorgeous!!!
Yippee I finally get to tell you hello!!!! Have a great week!

Micayla said...

Now then Missus, why did you not mention you had a birthday coming up. It looks like you had a fab day and was totally spoilt rotten. That light tent is a great pressie, I may have to look at getting me one.
I wont be making Friday as I am getting my eyes checked and have a hair appointment, I tried get them in for Thursday but I had no luck. After Crimbo I promise, but by the sounds of it you will be in there loads now you have all those vouchers, lucky thing!!!
Speak soon and take care xx

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy belated birthday! Wishing you a super year.

A little present for you: A Friends award for your loveliness. :)