Monday, 24 November 2008

I have set up a new blog ....

at the moment I am truly obsessed with Advent calendars!

I have seen so many amazing ones during my journeys around blogland that I decided to set up a blog, dictated to just Handmade Advent Calendars. It doesn't matter what type they are (the matchbox ones are my favourite) Matchboxes, cloth, chipboard, etc

When I was making my one, I got stuck on some parts and tried to google Advent Calendars to get some inspiration, unfortunately the majority of the images were the usual Chocolate ones, not very many Handmade ones, so this is another reason for my blog - yeah any excuse really, lol

If you know of any calendars that aren't featured in my blog and you think they should be let me know and I will hunt them down!!!!

I want to update this every year once the crafters start making calendars again!

Pop along to Handmade Advent Calendars and be truly amazed at all the beautiful work that has gone into these calendars.


Micayla said...

OOOOh what a good idea, I am off for a lookie now!

Tracey said...

LOl off to check it out as I locst the original link doh !!!!!!