Thursday, 7 August 2008

Photos of our day in the woods!

We went to a nearby woods on Sunday and had a fab day!!! Took loads of photos!!! So this is going to be a very lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng post this is the first real opportunity that I have had since getting my new camera to play!

I even managed to get a few photos of Chloe too!!!! There is even a photo of me in here too, lol!!!!!

Small Copper Butterfly

Ruddy Darter Dragonfly

Larger White Butterfly

Aimee getting ready to jump over a branch!

Here she comes!

Psyching herself up!

There she goes!

Up and over!

The landing!

We found this stump on our walk. I changed it to black and white and I like the effect.

Southern Hawker Dragonfly

Yucky and interesting Scropion Fly

Bumble bee on some brambles
I asked Aimee to SMILE! lol

I done an auto colour correction on the second photo, I like the first photo more.

I love the eternal feel of this photo of the girls and Skye.

I also like catching moments like this that make you believe that the girls always get on together, lol

Some of the many photos of Aimee doing her balancing act!

Aimee and Steve, Chloe had gone on ahead and didn't want to come back for photos!

Aimee and me!

I love the way Aimee is looking up at her big sister!

Again I forgot and said SMILE, lol

Much Better!!!

My Dancing Fairy!

Yes I know I wasn't paying attention to where I was focusing and got the tree in focus and not Aimee, and Yes I could of told a fib and said that this is what I was trying to do, lol

but I love the way there is a kind of mystical and magical feel around Aimee, and it's like I caught a fairy dancing!!! KWIM

We found a sort of Wig Wam structure in the woods, someone had put a load of branches against the tree!

Hunting for grasshoppers!

Chloe caught a Striped Winged Grasshopper

If you have made it this far, thanks so much for looking through all the photos!


splummer said...

Great Photos!!!

Me said...

Oh Honey, those are amazing photos! Loved the face when you asked Aimee to smile! Great day!

Celena said...

It was like you were telling a story with the photos, a page-turner! They are really good!

LazyKay said...

HELENA I don't think you realise how talented you are!

These photos are beautiful. Love all the movement and the detail and you certainly have an eye for a picture.

I love the expressions you've captured on the faces and LOVE that there's a picture of you here too.

I'm beginning to feel you're missing your vocation somewhere.

Thanks for sharing these, I've loved looking at them all.


Bev said...

I'm so glad you left comments on my blog so I could find yours!! Your photographs are absolutely amazing! I am speechless!!!

hugs Bev x

Tracey said...

These are such good shots hon, the way you have composed some of the shots, the variety in distance and theme, the mixture of styles, just really really good and beautiful to scroll through, that is a gorgeous photos of you and Aimee and the ones of Aimee 'not smiling' are so pretty but the ones with her smiling are priceless and totally fun ( and very similar to the ones I have of AJ smiling lol)

Love the way you are using your new camera - enjoy XXX