Thursday, 7 August 2008

I'm Back Online!!!!

Over the last few days I have had no Internet connection, and I have been getting withdrawal systems, I never want to go cold turkey again!!!!

I want to say sorry to the players of the BBC2 as I haven't been able to comment on their blogs!! Luckily I had scheduled quite a few of my entries for BBC2 and I see they have been posting away!!! So at least I don't have them to catch up on!!!!

I will be catching up on all my fav blogs, forums, etc over the next few days!!!!



Bumble Bee said...

Ugh! How awful it is to be without the internet! So happy for you that you are back online! YIPPEE! Welcome back. :D

Me said...

LOL "cold turkey"! Are you okay!? Cute post!

Tracey said...

You were missed - glad you are back XXX