Friday, 22 August 2008

BBC2 - Something funny a child said!

Aimee has a lot of her own sayings, but the one that makes me smile the most is This is when it's cold and I say to her, "I want to cuddle you so you can make me warm again" and she replies "Don't take my warmneist"

I have always liked this photo of Aimee and hopefully it kinds of represents what I have just wrote! This photo was taken on the 11th October 2006 so she has recently turned 3



Courtney von T said...

Too cute!

LazyKay said...

That made me laugh out loud and yes, that picture matches the text perfectly - another l/o?


dabble doodle said...

Oh, how cute she is. Out of the mouth of babes. Can't wait to see the LO.

Tracey said...

Awwww how sweet is that, I love the cute things kids say, and yes the photo is perfect for the little anecdote you shared XXX

altered geisha said...

Gorgeous photo Helena, really bright and colourful but would look great in B&W too.
You need to do a winter LO with this photo..."just don't take all her warmiest"!!

Jean at Penny Lane said...

That is really a wonderful memory.
You should scrap that.