Tuesday, 5 August 2008

BBC 2 - My First Car

OOh my first car was a White 1989 Hatchback Honda Civic, the above photo is the best that I could find, I do have a photo of my car somewhere but I cannot find it :(

My Honda didn't have the red stripe but it did have red allies!!!! There was so much space in the car, Chloe was only tiny but we could fit her and her car set, my mum and me it the back no problems and we weren't all squished. In high winds the car was so solid that you barely even felt the winds, it could move when you wanted it to. It gave me no problems except when it died :( and would of cost more than the car was worth to get it fixed! I think we bought it in 1997 and it went to car heaven in 2000 roughly!



Celena said...

oh that looks like an awesome first car!

Tracey said...

Sounds like you have many fond memories of your first car XXX

splummer said...

Great looking car!!!

Bumble Bee said...

Nice first car.