Thursday, 31 July 2008

Happy Post Part 1

Whoo hooo, I got my gift from Kels today, wow, it was sooo fantastic, lots of scrummy lovely things to play with!!!

Sorry this is the only photo that came out, I was so excited with taking the stash out of the box, that I didn't realise that most of my shots were blurry!!!! And I have all the stash put away, cause when it arrived I was actually in the middle of sorting out my stash area!!!! So sorry no I am not taking it all out again to take a photo of it!!!

Just take my word I was gobsmacked with what was in the box!!!

So a huge thank you goes to Kels for giving it to me!!!!! Check out her album HERE



Tracey said...

And very well deserved too ! ENJOY !!!!!

LazyKay said...

Awe! We missed seeing your goodies!