Thursday, 26 June 2008

Paddington Bear's 50th birthday teddy bear picnic

Today Paddington Bear turned 50!!!

Great Coates Foundation Stage held a birthday Picnic for him!!!! Paddington Bear is also helping a charity to raise funds for premature baby units! So at the school there was a £1 entrance fee for teddies, name cards, guess the weight of the cake, raffles, etc!!! We are hoping to raise £150 for the charity!! All the money hasn't been counted up yet!!!

Aimee won a chocolate Teddy Lolly Pop from Thornton's, mmh love their chocolate!!!!(Sorry Sue you didn't win anything, but thanks for the donation)

Unfortunately I can't post any pics of the children (Data Protection Laws), but I have posted some of Aimee and the cake!!!!! (this is why there is no photos of Lazy Town, due to me taking photos at the event and editing them to bring in tomorrow!

The children loved the day and had a great time, even though it rained while we were playing a game, but we quickly moved it into the school hall!!!!!

We had Jam Sandwiches, Teddy Bear Shaped Crisps (Pom Bears), Teddy Bear shaped cookies, hot dogs, tomatoes (a lot of the children love tomatoes), sweets, juices, and Teddy bear buns that the children decorated themselves!!!!!

I would like to say thanks to the Foundation Staff, the volunteers who helped make this a fantastic day for the children!



LazyKay said...

Great pics and what a GREAT cake!


Me said...


Tracey said...

What a lovely day !!!! I love the photo of Aimee looking of to the side with her hair being blown by the wind - sooooo pretty and what a good cause it was all for too XXX