Sunday, 1 June 2008

I have joined a blog challenge!!!

On Tiphini set up a challenge called the The BIG Blog Challenge! (for June), where you have to blog something every day in the month of June!! I must be mad, but I am going to give it a go as it sounds like fun!!!!!

Today's post!!!

The start of summer didn't get off to a good start today, as it is overcast and very grey! I was supposed to be going to an all day crop at my LSS today, but yesterday some more people pulled out at the last minute so it was cancelled! :( It would of been my first crop!!! Hopefully next time it will go ahead.

On a brighter side, I helped DH get Aimee's room finished today, just a few more little things to do and the room will be completely done, yeah!!!

I also took down Skye's cage, yipeee!!! As we had no where else to put it, it had to go in the kitchen so that meant I lost my kitchen table, it's were I do all my crafting, so I have been managing on a camping table for the last 3 months, I can't wait to be able to spread everything out again!!!! The reason why I took it down so early ... is that she doesn't use it anymore, she pulls her bed out of it to the middle of the floor and sleeps there, also when I leave the house to go to work or whatever I actually don't lock her in to it, and there has been no accidents, so it was just taking up space!!! Thanks Sue and Paul for lending us the use of the cage, it was a great help at the start!!!!



Marsha said...

WTG starting out the blog challenge!

Celena said...

Oh I love overcast days! I think ur lucky. And crops are really fun, hope you get to go sometime soon.