Monday, 4 May 2009

My Cherry Blossoms ...

I took these photos two Sundays ago and only now have the time to edit and upload them! I love these trees and took photos around the same time last year and got some beautiful shots of the girls so I have tried again this year! Poor Chloe wasn't feeling her usual self, so didn't get too many of her! Aimee ... well Aimee is Aimee!!!!

If you don't want to watch the slide show, you can click VIEW ALL IMAGES and it will bring you to a page where you can see them all one by one, that is if you have loads of time to kill and are feeling brave .....

You might think that I make them pose all the time, well I don't. I get them to pose for some of the shots that I WANT and then let them do whatever and I just snap away ... bet you can't tell which ones I wanted them to pose for and which ones they done naturally!!!!!!

Ahem a little confession here .... the dress that Aimee is wearing my Aunt sent to her for Easter (along with loads of other pretty clothes), even though the dress label is the right size for her, it was a little tight, I asked her to wear it for Easter Sunday to go to Church, which she did!!! I WANTED her to wear it again for these photos, I pleaded with her and she did, Bless her, on the condition that she was allowed to take it off again straight away!!! Bad scrapping mum!!!!!

If you have seen my last post, you will have already seen one of my favourite shots of the day on a layout!



Chloee ♥ said...

MEEEEE dontt i look faboulous xx ojj the photos are stunning && luvin the colourss && aimees cheeky smilee :-))

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

WOW!! Both of the girls look so beautiful and grown up!!

I can't believe we both chose the same spot without even knowing!!

Unfortunately I couldn't let my little one out for a photo shoot or he'd be long gone!!

Linsey said...

awwww, what a couple of cutie pies!!! These are such fun pics, Helena--your girls seem very happy and why not, with such a great mom as yourself (I'm certain of it even though I don't know ya, lol) :) TFS, hugs!

Micayla said...

Helena, I think I may have to steal you one day when Miss thing is older for a shoot! Those photo's are stunning girl. That cherry blossom just wins it for me, Micayla's just love blossom.
Hope you are well Missus and keeping busy scrapping. I am busy trying to get the holiday stuff sorted but managed a little scrapping the other day. I have been told there is a yummy stationary/crafts shop in Marseille so I may have to treat you and Ruth to a little pressy and we can arrange to meet for a coffee.
I doubt I will be online for a while now, may do a quick update but if not I will speak after my jollies.
Take care <3xx

Nicola said...

Love Aimee´s and Chloe´s sweet impressions and boy are they fit. That cherry blossom is amazing and so are you with camera in hand. -x-

LazyKay said...

GREAT slideshow and pics and glad you persuaded her to wear the blossom matching dress (even if a bit tight!)


LazyKay said...

................and forgot to say, lovely shots of the girls together.