Tuesday, 6 July 2010

First Wedding shoot!

We did our first wedding shoot, (well a blessing really, as they got married last year, in a very quite ceremony, they wanted a blessing so their extended family and friends could share), a couple of weeks ago! Steve took mostly took photos of the bride and groom while I concentrated on candid shots! Here are some of the photos that I took! I was so nervous, it's amazing I was able to hold the camera straight, must say it was a fantastic day and I so loved doing the photography!

Classic black and white

First cup of coffee in hours

Inside the Church, I took a lot of photos of the guests, not soo much the bridal party, that was Steve's job!

Beautiful little girl

Flower girl and bridesmaid on the left are the bride and groom's nieces and the flower girl on the right is their daughter


Love this shot, they look so relaxed and enjoying their day!

The cute factor!


Just look at that face!

Like this shot!

So pretty!

Off to the reception!

Flower girl number one, the bride and groom's daughter

Flower girl number two, their niece

Isn't she adorable


Just relaxing

Blowing kisses

Very pretty dress, love the flowers in the netting!


Love those two shots!

A little hug for mum!

Look at those eyes!


What do you think?? I have uploaded some more on my Flickr account, which can be found at the top of my sidebar, just click!


Nicki said...

Helena these are stunning pictures what a tallented girl you are. i love every single one of them.


Anne said...

Lovely pix Helena! My favourites are the ones of the couple coming down the steps - I love the shadow play and they look so happy. Also the bridesmaid pix - so cut. And the one of the bride having a last cup of tea as a single lady. Wondered what she's thinking in that one. Bet you enjoyed doing these but what a responsibility!

ladyjanet_56 said...

Wow eat your heart out david bailey there's a new kid on the block, these are really stunning & what an excellent job you did too, I wouldn't like to pick which I liked best they are all stunning, Janet

LazyKay said...

Oh my gosh, what a responsibility but you're both well up to the job.

I just love your photos.

I'm not good with a camera but at weddings I tend to take photos of the guests mainly as lots of times it's what's missing from the bride and groom's album.

Lovely lovely work.

Been away from my computer for a while so I have looked at all your entries but not commented.

Suffice to say, your work is inspiring.


Tracey said...

Wow well done you, I recognised the bride - she comes into the shop, she's a lovely girl and you captured her sweet nature perfectly, I love the way you and Steve captured all aspects of the wedding between you - the formal and the candid - so precious !!! well done and congrats, all the best in your new venture, you both deserve to do well XXX

Micayla said...

Oh wow Helena, you and Steve did such a good job. I think I am doing the photo's for my Mums wedding and although I am scared I am so excited!! Such a huge day to capture. Are you too planning on branching out into photography then?