Monday, 21 December 2009


Who could of believed it, snow this early!!!! It started snowing while I was at school on Friday 18th December, so I quickly snuck out and got this shot!!!


Then on Saturday it snowed some more, and the roads got dangerous! A few weeks ago, while it was icy, my car skidded on the ice, no damage and nothing done at all! But losing control of the car like that gave me a scare! So I didn't drive the car at all, so I missed out on some last minute shopping!

Again on Sunday more snow and the roads are even worse!!!

Got these lovely shots of Aimee! and a scenery shot! Again no shopping :(
Fingers crossed that it will be better in the next few days!!!!



Paulien van den Bosch said...

Hi Helena,

Wow.... 14 already.... Congrats on your little BIG girl!!!!!!
Love those pics of trimming the tree and I love all your x-mas cards!!!!!
Whooohooo for snow.... awesome pics. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Happy Holidays sweetie!!!!

Paraslim said...

I love how you did the falling snowflakes :) how did you do that?

Tracey said...

Beautiful photos Helena, the scenery one at the end is stunning, Aimee looks so cute, hope you get your shopping done, I finished mine today thank goodness XXX