Saturday, 12 December 2009

Oh Christmas tree ....

On Monday night we put up the tree, all bailed out of it this year except Aimee and me! I strung the lights and decorated the higher branches, Aimee decorated the rest and a mighty fine job she did of it too!

This year I asked the girls to pick a new decoration each to place on the tree, with strict guidelines that it has to be either clear, red or gold. I am very traditional in decorating my tree, and love all the warm colours!

Chloe managed to come out of her room to put up her decoration ... just!

Aimee took it all seriously!

Got Steve to hoist Aimee up to place the angel on the tree!

At my school we got a budget to buy some new Christmas decorations! So it was out with the old and in with the new, they were going to throw these decorations away!!! I rescued them, as I love the vintage style of these, you can see some of the bell decorations in the following photos!

And the most important part of Christmas, and Aimee will also tell you it's not about the food, decorations, presents, etc It's all about the birth of Jesus!!! So proud of my little girl!!! Aimee will be placing Jesus into to the crib on Christmas day, as is our tradition.

I hate when I see Xmas (this will be the only time I will write Christmas this way) wrote down, as you can see by placing the X in it you are deleting the Christ part! This has always annoyed me!! Why do we celebrate Christmas??? It's the birth of Jesus Christ, so we go to Church (Catholics call it Mass, which I am) to celebrate his birthday! Christmas! Get it????? I will get off my soap box now, lol!!!

And Tracey I have not forgotten about the DDA book, just being too busy, we break up on the 18th, once I have finished all the rest of the preparations for Christmas, I shall be sitting down to finish off my book, I have been taking notes and photos for the book though! And I think this year I will add in my little gripe above in it!


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LazyKay said...

GORgeous decorations, especially the crystal but love the red heart too.

Well done on saving the ousted decorations! What a crime to throw them away.

I always had a crib beneath the tree when my children were small, although I don't do a tree these days.