Thursday, 3 December 2009

Happy Birthday!

Chloe turned 14 today!!! Good grief how time flies!!! Happy birthday and I am so very proud of you!!! She asked her dad today if she could get her navel pierced, she has been asking for 2 years, I have mine done and see nothing wrong with Chloe getting it done, but Steve has been dead set against it! So it was a shock for both Chloe and I when he said yes! So I am taking her to town on Saturday to get it done!

Oh btw Ruth made her a fantastic card/book you can see it on her blog here! Chloe also received a beautiful Love-Link bracelet from Ruth and Mark! And all the other scrummy gifts and presents that she recieved, quite the spoilt girl she was!

xxxx Love you lots Chloe xxxx


Sue Abbott said...

Happy Birthday Chloe, you are growing up so quickly, and into a beautiful young lady x

LazyKay said...

Hope she's enjoyed choosing her body jewellery.

Beautiful girl!