Monday, 2 November 2009

Oink! Oink!

What a week!!!! On Friday 23rd, Aimee complained of a sore throat and was coughing, by Saturday night she was running a really high fever. I rang the Swine Flu hot line! There was about 12 different symptoms that they look for, Aimee had 10 of them, so she was diagnosed as having Swine flu! We are still unsure if she actually had Swine flu or not, as she wasn't seen by a doctor and she wasn't tested, you have to go by what a telephone operator tells you!

Poor little mite, coughing through the night, vomiting, not eating and generally just really poorly!!! Anyways got the Tami flu for her in TABLET form, oh no, she has never taken a tablet it has always been liquid!! They pharmacist did say I could open the capsule and sprinkle it over her food, yuck!!! so I asked her to listen to me on how to take the tablet, my little trooper listened to the instructions and swallowed it down first go! She had to take them 2 times a day for the next 5 days, not a problem!!!

On Friday morning both Steve and I woke up feeling absolutely horrible, because Aimee had being diagnosed we rang the hot line too, and guess what we were told we had it too and we had to stay indoors!!! Luckily Steve's brother very kindly put off their plans on vi sting their dad for a little while to go collect our medicine! Thanks Mark!!!

I am still feeling pretty lousy, haven't the energy to do alot and I hate feeling like this! I won't be going to school tomorrow! First I haven't finished all the medicine and I don't want to pass it to the little ones in case it is swine flu!!!!

Aimee asked a few times when was it going to be Halloween, I said Saturday but you can't go out due to us all feeling poorly! She said okay!! Then when we actually had trick or treaters knocking on the door (we couldn't answer the door) she said I feel sad as I can't go trick or treating!!! I said well Christmas is coming soon, lets hope you don't feel poorly then, she said yeah, cause all I get tonight would be sweets, but at Christmas I get presents! She then went off to finish her colouring!!! I am so blessed that she doesn't throw tantrums when she can't get or do what she wants, I just have to explain why and she listens!! What a treasure!!!

At that I am going to leave my tale of woe there!!!

Thanks for reading


Tracey said...

So sorry you have all been so poorly, has chloe escaped the bugs ?hope so !!! Aimee is a doll - how good that she understood at such an early age, lets hope christmas brings extra special treats for your extra special girl, love to you all XXX

downrightcrafty said...

Hoping your all well again soon and in time for xmas
kate xxx

Micayla said...

Oh bless you all. Hope you are feeling better.

LazyKay said...

Hope you're all recovering well.