Sunday, 6 September 2009

First day back and first tooth .......

Aimee started back to school last Thursday, going into year 1! She went on the bus by herself as Chloe has been "missed" off the bus list (I won't go into that now as I could go on forever) argggghhh!!!!

Anyways here is the obligatory photo of her first day back!

HAVE TO REMEMBER TO TAKE A PHOTO OF HER LAST DAY!!! I never remember! Bad scrapbooker!

Aimee's two front teeth have been loose since June! And she has been annoying me ever since, when are they going to fall out! Last night she was upstairs with Chloe and I heard a shout, I thought oh no, they are at it again! She came bounding downstairs, "Mummy my tooth fell out", she held up a bloody tooth, and showed me a bloody grin!!! I asked how it fell out and she said she was biting Chloe's jumper (don't ask) and it got caught and fell out!!!! The other tooth, is barely hanging in there, I wouldn't be surprised if she came home from school with no front teeth!! Great heading for a Christmas page "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth", don't you think Tracey, ;)

Why does Aimee's hair always look so red in photos???? The first photo shows her hair in more of her natural colour!!!!

Thanks for looking


LazyKay said...

Great photos and I think her hair looks GORgeous! It must be the Irish in her.


Tracey said...

lol we were only talking about those two front teeth when I saw you the other day and then out they popped !!!! XXX

Micayla said...

You have Aimee losing her's and Emily has 5 cutting through! Before I know it this will be my post! I love the photos of her, she is a gorgeous little girl with lovely hair....I was thinking about goin red the other day.....maybe I will now!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Wishing them both a wonderful school year, full of cool classes and friends. :)

Liz said...

Hello Helena Thank you for the blogging Links from VA I have added mine but do not know if I have done it right I am going to become a follower of your blog so I do not miss any of your lovely work I listed awards tonight oplease pop over take any you want for your blog Just leave ne a comment

Liz xx

Scrappelise said...

Cute girl and lots of wonderful pictures , cards and things here!

Lori said...

Aimee is just adorable! Her eyes are gorgeous! I've notice (me being a redhead myself) that the hair coloring will be brighter or more subdued depending on the lighting and the angle of the camera. I love both photos of Aimee--she's beautiful. Love your blog as well and am a follower now.