Sunday, 12 April 2009

Chocolate at 7:00 am in the morning, ick!!!!!

I would like to wish all my family, friends and all those lovely people who come and visit my blog


Woken up at 7:00 am this morning, by a very eggcited little girl!!!

"Mummy look The Easter Bunny has left me a letter again this year, come on help me read it"!!!!!

The Easter Bunny has visited our little family since Chloe was young enough to believe and old enough to hunt. He always leaves a letter with some clues eg "I wonder if your Daddy's computer is on, oh no I have said too much"! This year I am very proud of Chloe, Aimee and I have been sleeping on the lounge sofas over the last few days as Aimee has a cough and it seems to be the only place where she seems to get any peace! I had a rough night with her and didn't get a chance to hide the eggs, but Chloe woke up early and got all the eggs hidden, and wrote the Easter Bunny letter! How cool was that!

Another proud mummy moment: At my school the kids were asked what does Easter mean??? We got eggs, chocolate, Easter bunny, etc were the answers. I was curious so I asked Aimee that evening when she came home "Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday and came back alive on Easter Sunday"!

And just a few photos of our morning!!!
Thanks to Tracey, Mark and Ruth, Aimee's Teachers for the eggs and thanks to Mum, Dad and Aunty Eily for the beautiful clothes that they sent from Ireland
and I better not forget the "Easter Bunny" for all the eggs and all the hard work this morning!

And I got a Ferrero Rocher Giant egg mmmmmhhhh, did anyone watch Britain Got Talent last night, see the guy who said the world record for eating Ferrero Rocher's is 7 in one minute, I am going to try that later on tonight, will report back on how I do, lol!!!! The girls got me a Rolo and Maltesers egg!!! Oh and that is the beautiful Orchid that I got on Mother's day at the Farm, see HERE for farm photos,

Well have to get us ready to go to Church.
Happy Easter

A little update, I took these photos before we went to Church

This is one of the pretty dresses my Aunt Eily sent for Aimee, unfortunately it is a horrible here today, so I put a long sleeved top and some leggings on Aimee. When I had her dressed and about to do her hair, I thought oooh plaits should go just right with this outfit, what do you think??? My aunt also sent some ribbons and Aimee wanted them in her hair, I thought "how cute is that", you don't see that very often anymore.

So angelic ........ yeah right, lol!!

And a very rare photo, a photo of Chloe actually smiling properly! Her braces are working so her teeth are improving and so is her self esteem!!! I have missed seeing this smile in photos

Again, thanks for looking


Micayla said...

Wow those girls look so happy with all that chocolate. Lucky for me Emily didnt get much, just a few bags of chocolate milk buttons and she is on Mummy rations of 4 every few days. I bet she hates me!!!
Love the photos of the before church, they both look so pretty. I love Aimee's hair and pretty dress.
Hope you are well and having a Hoppy easter. Good luck with the challenge, I would try it too but have almost scoffed all my Rocher's( or piggy squeaks as I call them)

Melissa W. said...

What sweet and thoughtful girls. :) That was so sweet of Chloe to do that for you and Aimee. :) They are both adorable! Happy Easter!

LazyKay said...

Firstly, what gorgeous pictures of your girls - you must burst with pride.

Secondly what a lovely gesture that the Easter Bunny was still able to write, despite the problems - a lovely big sister thought.

Hope she gets well soon.

Love the Easter pictures too.


Tracey said...

lol at the ferrero rocher eating I could beat 7 in my sleep lol, I am not stalking you I promise just desperately making an attempt at a catch up XXX