Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Hi all,

I am sorry I haven't been visiting your blogs in the last few weeks!! I have tons of college work to plough through, but its all my own fault I am doing a 2 year course in 1 year, to old to be hanging around so I want to get as much experience and qualifications as I can now!!!

My Internet also went crazy for a few days, things would open and then disappear, freaked me out, but Steve sorted!!!

Steve also updated my computer so I now have Vista running, taking awhile to get used to the difference.

Some really happy news ....
After Easter I have been asked at school to be a Nursery Nurse (don't let the name put you off, it is just what they are called in our school, it is exactly what I am going to college for, you will hear the name Early Years Practitioner a lot more in the future) full time, so I am going to be looking after 12 children all day, HEAVEN I really can't wait, even though it does mean that I won't have a lot of spare time as my college course will be drawing to an end too!!! This is only for the summer term, but as the Head said you never know what might happen come September, always plays her cards close to her chest, lol!!!



karen said...

Thats great news Helena, oh to be working in the nursery again, although very hard work.
take care karen x

Tracey said...

Good to see you back blogging hon - we missed you - CONGRATULATIONS on the fantastic news, I know how much this means to you and you are PERFECT for the position, I will miss our friday afternoon natters but it makes me happy to know you are doing what you want to do XXX

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Yahhhhhh Helena,
That is great news girl!!!!!
So happy for you.

Maya said...

Congratulation on the fab news,Helena!!
This must be so erfect for you :)
Good luck,hun!
Hugs from Maya :)

Micayla said...

Yay sweetie! I was going to email you to find out where you have been and to see if you were okay..........but you obviously are!
I am hopefully going to start a Open University course soon on Childcare. I started one on child development a few years ago but life got in the way and I never got it finished, so I may be calling on you for help if I get stuck!!!

LazyKay said...

Keep your head in them thar books, it's paying off! Very hard work, but rewarding and well done on getting your posting I'm sure it will lead to other things.

Keeping you in my thoughts.