Sunday, 1 February 2009

Puppet Power!

A family at Aimee's school needed to have laser treatment on their eyes to improve their eyesight, they had to travel to London to get the treatment! A doctor at Sheffield's children's hospital is trying to get laser there, but it costs £120,000 to get! The family arranged with St Joseph's School and Puppet Power to hold a charity Puppet Show to raise some money. Puppet Power put on shows all over the country and have even traveled to Africa to perform. These fantastic people take no money for themselves all money raised goes to whatever charity that they are supporting! The amount of effort and the talent that goes into putting on one of these shows is huge!!! These people deserve huge amount of praise! This is their website - PUPPET POWER - , well worth a visit and if you get a chance to go see them do, you will NOT be disappointed!!!

I bought tickets for Aimee, my niece Georgia and myself to go see the show, and boy am I so glad that I did. I wasn't sure what to except, but what I saw truly blew my mind, it was amazing, I actually forgot that I was watching puppets! The show is quite funny too, and there is a special appearance of another famous singer, I don't want to say in case any of you actually manage to get to see the show, but it was fantastic and Aimee recognised him immediately, which I am happy to say, lol as he is one of my all time favourite singers!!!!

Here are a few photos form the performance, we were asked not to take photos until the finale, so my camera went into overdrive then!!!!

This is the Narrator, it was all singing no spoken words!

This is Joseph on his way back to his father and brothers

This is Jacob, Joseph's father

Here is a photo of Joseph reunited with all his 11 brothers

The finale song: Any dream will do
Joesph's coat opened into this amazing display! There was a bang and you can just about see it, lots of different coloured paper exploded into the air

But wait the show still wasn't over, they started to sing Any dream will do again, and Joesph's coat opened into an even more amazing display

Then there was an even bigger bang, and as you can see I caught the coloured papers fantastically, well I was going to as I was one of the few people sat right underneath the "shower" who got absolutely covered with them!

Usual me I asked one of the puppeteers if I could get a photo of Aimee and Georgia with the main star Joseph, and he very kindly said I could!! I think Georgia was kind of overwhelmed, lol!!!

I also found this clip on YouTube, it isn't a great but it gives you an idea of the show!


LazyKay said...

Oh, I LOVE puppets and marionettes (?sp).

What a great thing to do to help the family and what a shame they have to resort to such things and can't get the needed treatment on the NHS.


Paulien van den Bosch said...

glad you had such a great time!!!
I just love the pictures and can inmagine what the show must have been like!

What a great way to help this family. it is a shame, that they can get a treatment, closer to home!

Tracey said...

OMG what an amazing event and all so selflessly for charity too, that is fantastic, you caught some amazing photos, the colours look really vibrant, it all looks like a whole lot of fun, poor little Georgia does look a wee bit nervous of the puppet, you have been awarded, check out my blog for details XXX

Courtney von T said...

Wow what a neat experience!
I like that you posed the kids next to the puppets cause it really shows how big they are! :)

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

I kind of expected a 40 minute show but when Georgia brought home the programme and it was the full show Of Joseph I was shocked!!

Thankyou for taking her I know she had a lovely time but whats going on with her chin in that photo?lol!!