Monday, 26 January 2009

I have been photo challenged!!!!

The lovely Julie who owns the Inspirational blog, Inspirational Tips, Techniques & Tutorials and her own personal blog Scrapping Away has given me this photo challenge which I think is totally "COOL":

In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.Write something about the picture.Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge..

Okay I am anal about things like this, so I have a photo album folder, inside all the years in their own folders, in side those all the months in their own folder and inside that all the days with their own folder, so what I have done is kept going to the 6th folder until I got down to this photo

This photo is a special photo for me, it's not the best one that I took in this series of photos, but I haven't cheated and used it, I took this photo on 27th October 2003

This is my Nan and Aimee! Aimee is just over a month old!!! Wasn't she a pudgy little thing!!! The sad part about this photo is that we lost my Nan in the May of the next year!!! Anyone who really knows me, knows that I absolutely adored my Nan, would do anything for her, even though she always gave me a hard time, but that was the banter between the two of us, and no one else really understood it!!!! Their was also a special bond between Aimee and Nan! On the last day that we saw Nan, she was in bed and I put Aimee down beside her (Aimee was 8 mths old by then) and Aimee just snuggled up to Nan and kept smiling at her!! It was beautiful to see and for once in my life I didn't have a camera with me!!!! The freaky thing is Aimee will often start crying and I will ask her what is wrong and she will say "I miss my Nana Peggy (this was Chloe's name for my Nan). This totally freaks me out as I will question her, as she has grandparents in Ireland, America and England, but no it is my Nan she is speaking about!!!! How is that as Aimee was tiny when she last saw her!!!! I have that necklace that my Nan is wearing, it was given to me by my Aunt, Nan had it on when she passed away and I shall be passing it down to Aimee when she is old enough!!!! Well I had better stop as I am welling up as it is!!!!

So I am going to challenge


LazyKay said...

Interesting tag! I'll go and search my folders!

Lovely story.


Debbie ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Hello my friend!! Just wanted to thank you for the blog very sweet of you to stop by!! Hope you're having a lovely day!!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hi there! This is such a precious photo!!!!! Hope you're doing well! xOxO deb

paulien710 said...

Ahhh honey, what a wonderful picture this is. The story behind..... wow

Hope you are all feeling better by now.


LazyKay said...

OK Helena, I've risen to the challenge and posted my picture.


Tracey said...

Ohhhhhh honey, the pic and the journalling you have here are wonderful, I hope you do a page someday with both, soooo precious, I had a lump in my throat the whole time I was reading XXX
Thankyou for the challenge X

One Creative Life said...

Helena what a wonderful photo and story. You should make a page about that. It would be a wonderful treasure for your daughter.

Thanks for visiting by my blog!:) ~Erica

Lorraine Robertson said...

What gorgeous treasured memories to have... the funny thing is the minute I saw your nan I thought of my gran as there is actually an uncanny resemblence...

Thank you for giving me fond memories too..

Lorraine xxx