Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I've got a teenager .... help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe turned 13 today!!! I keep saying it doesn't matter cause she has been having teenage strops since she was nine.

Chloe had to wait till she came home from school to open her presents. I'm mean like that lol!
She got a new mobile phone from us, a Mario Brothers DS game from Aimee, lots of vouchers and money from Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts. And a special birthday phone call from my mum and dad!

It was Chloe's choice for tea, she choose MacDonald's for herself and Aimee, no surprise there!!! Dh and I had an Indian, MMMHH!!!

Chloe then blew out her candles on her cake!

Happy Birthday my beautiful young lady. xxxx

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Tracey said...

Many happy returns Chloe, I hope you all had a lovely day, the photos are great Helena, the girls faces are lovely - so full of genuine happiness and I can see how eager Aimee is for Chloe to see her gifts - bless their hearts XXX