Sunday, 26 October 2008

High School Musical 3

We went to see this movie on Saturday at 2:00pm, good decision as it was such a yucky day!

Ruth and Georgia joined us to watch the movie! Aimee was dressed in her HSM cheer leading outfit, she had to put black leggings on underneath as the weather was so cold and that outfit is soo flimsy!!! Georgia was wearing a cute HSM top and skirt.
Ruth and myself been such sad people wanted photos of the girls with those large cutouts that they have to advertise the films!! Can you imagine the disappointment when we found out that there was only one and that was displayed way up high about 10feet, not a chance of getting near it!!!! - FUMING!!!!
Ruth came up with the idea of getting photos of them sitting at a table with with big bar stools, yeah right so easier said than done!!!! The girls were too excited and hyper to get some decent shots, I got one or two, but the most of them are naff!!!!
So Ruth if you still want copies of these I will stick them on CD for you! Along with your posing shot, lol!!!!

Smile please!!!! Yeah right more like make funny faces!!!!

A half decent shot!

How could anyone be expected to work with these two little monkeys!!!!

Another half decent shot!

All I can say is I tried honestly!!!!

Just before the movie started, why couldn't they pose like this at the bar stools????

And here are our divas dancing on stage as the credits were going up!!!


We finished off the afternoon by having Ruth's DH and Ben join us for MacDonald's at our house, the girls then went to Aimee's bedroom, dressed up and relived the film!!!!


Ellie said...

Very cool. The girls are adorable and they look like they had a lot of fun including you.

Shary said...

Great fun photos. The girls look lovely.

Andrea, said...

Wonderful photos, the girls look like they had a fab time

MrsB said...

What lovely photos they capture just how excited the girls were.
I went to see HSM3 at Scunthorpe on Friday and it was great to see all the girls dancing at the end and it looks like it was the same at Cleethorpes.

Deb said...

Looks like they had a ball! Glad you enjoyed your day out!

Ruth Philps said...

I tell you never work with children or animals!!!!

I think they had more fun dancing on the stage than watching the film and having to sit still for 2 hours. I like the photo of them waiting for it to start the best!!

Thanks for having us all over for tea it was fun.

Love Ruth xxx

Tracey said...

Well the girls certainly seemed to have a fantastic time, shame about the cut outs but the photos in the screening room themselves turned out great, hope you enjoyed the Maccy D's - wish I was there lol XXX