Monday, 11 August 2008

BB2 - What book influenced your life?

I read a lot of books, there are always books around the house, I have boxes and boxes of books in the attic!! Chloe loves to read too (which I am proud of), and now that Aimee is learning to read she loves to as well, you know those early learner books that have only about 5 words on a page and they are all little words, she has read 5 of those already, I am so proud!!!!!

But I am not into reading self-help books.

I don't think any book as influenced my life unless you include school books, lol



LazyKay said...

LOVE reading. We didn't have many books in our house as a child - cost too much I guess but I used to buy the 'classics' from Woolies, which were, at the time, I think, 2s.6d. (12.5p)! That over 2 weeks spending money.

Then, when I found the library, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

I guess all books change your life in some way because you can't help but learn and expand your vocabulary.


Tracey said...

I'm a big reader too, and love to have something put by to lose myself in, although I couldn't say any one book shaped or changed my life in any way - Well done Aimee, sounds like you are going to be just like mum XXX

Chelsea Van Tol said...

I feel the same! I love love love books, but can't pick any one book that really inclufenced me.

Heather's Creations said...

oh a girl after my own heart! I call myself a book freak :) I adore books, all genre. We have 4 bookcases full and 2 boxes that are full due to no room left bookcases. what I cringe at is when people turn the corners of the pages down or lay a book down open, it puts stress on spines :)
**Hugs** Heather xx

splummer said...

I read lots myself, but can't say one book influenced me. But I probably picked up something from them.

Celena said...

I'm the same as you, I love to read, always have, I hung out at the library so often when I was younger, my sister always called me a nerd. I don't think a book has influenced my life though, I mostly read suspense novels, that's probably why. :)

Me said...

Cute post. I love when kids love to read! My Ds just got a letter that says he is in the top 10% of the children at his age in reading in the country. He asked if I was proud... Clearly! I said it's more important that he enjoys it!