Saturday, 12 July 2008

Medal Test

Chloe and Aimee had their dance medal tests today!!!!

I must say these two were brilliant, no nerves or fear, just went straight in!!! Aimee went first her cousin Georgia was in the same group, they went in in fours!

Chloe came next she found out two weeks ago that her teacher was moving her up to a higher level so she can get a higher qualification! I think if I had that thrown at me I would be in bits!!! But she was so calm. I didn't get to see them dance as it was closed! We will find out in a few weeks if Aimee gets her Rosette and Chloe her medal!

So proud of you two, love mum xxxx

At home before we went!

Before they went in!

Chloe didn't want to pose for these photos, as I was the only mum taking photos, I told her "You'll thank me later" lol



Melissa said...

How cute! I'm sure you'll hear good news whenever you get it! :)

LazyKay said...

Well done girls!

I await the outcome - I'm sure they did well.


sam21ski said...

I'm sure that she will thank you late Helena

Fab pictures and well done to you both

Tracey said...

GOOD LUCK girls, hope you get your Rosette Aimee and your Medal Chloe, I am sure you will both do really well, mum tells me your dancing is fabulous XXX