Tuesday, 24 June 2008

BBC - Tell how you celebrate birthdays

Well DH and I don't go all out for our birthdays! We get each other presents and cards as do the girls!!! We order in an Indian meal, and that's about it!!!!! That's just the way we are!!!

For the girls
Aimee last year had two parties!!!! One was with family in a beautiful sea-side town called Whitby, where we found out that her great granddad's family came from!!!! Okay we hi-jacked the event!! A alot of DH's family got together to celebrate his cousins 60Th birthday and it was decided to have it there and have a bit of a hunt for some family roots while we were there!!! As Aimee's birthday was in 2 weeks time, we decided to have her family birthday there!!!!! She told me later that she wants to do this every year and it was the best party she ever had, she got to go on a tourist boat, eat fish and chips, play in a children's jungle gym, have a birthday cake in the grounds of Whitby Cathedral (we had no choice they locked the dining room up earlier than we thought), and she did this with most of her cousins, aunts and uncles and her Nana June who was over from America!!!!

Chloe's will be a disco with her friends as she is turning 13 this year, help!!!!!!!! As it hasn't happened yet I can't write about lol!!!!


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