Sunday, 22 June 2008

BBC - Fantasty Perfect Day!

I would wake up to breakfast in bed, and allowed time to snuggle a bit more, then I would have my Fashion stylist pick out clothes for me to wear! Then I would have a long shower with power head spray!!!!! I would then get my hairdresser to fix my hair!!! Dh would fly me to the biggest scrapbook store there is in the world (does anyone know where it is???), and give me a credit card with £10,000 to spend!!!! We would then come back and have lunch and take the girls out for the afternoon, probably Disney Land Paris!!!!

After that I would have the rest of my time to spend scrapbooking in my craft rooms!!!

My chef would cook dinner and the maids would tidy up afterwards!! I would sit down with DH and spend some time with him, I then would go to each of the girls!!! Aimee would get a story, and a little chat with Chloe about girly things!!!!

It would be back to my craft rooms then to make layouts, that would wow everyone and win every single challenge that I entered them into ........................ I would then wake up with the alarm clock ringing for me to get up and get everyone ready for work and school!!!!!!


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