Monday, 5 May 2008

My Dance Stars!

Be prepared to be bored, proud mummy showing off her girls, lol!!!

Chloe and Aimee's Dance Academy held their Annual Dance show on Friday 2nd May 2008!!!
The girls performed in this last year too!!! For some reason doing this doesn't phase them at all! There was 900 tickets sold, I think I would of been hyperventilating back stage if I had to go out in front of all those people!!! I know I am biased but the girls were fantastic!!!!!

Well done to the teachers for organising and getting everything ready!!! This is a link to A&M's Freedom Free Style Dance Academy, if you want to have a look!

Unfortunately my camera didn't like the stage lights so I don't have many good shots, some okay shots and lots of awful shots!!! I have tried to pick out the best of a bad bunch!!!

There are more photos of Aimee than Chloe because the lights were brighter for the little ones, and for Chloe's dances which were more grown up were a little more moody!!!!

Before going on Stage

The opening number:- Carnival Parade

Rockin' Robin

Hey Baby

Can You Do the Kangaroo?

Chloe and friends before going on stage

The opening number:- Carnival Parade

Imam Shine

Can't Fight the Moonlight

Couldn't get any shots of them doing the finale "All In This Together"

Well done girls, love ya loads and very proud of you!!!!



LazyKay said...

Great pics all the same Helena, you've captured the movement and the lighting makes them different and shows they are on stage.

WELL DONE - no wonder you're such a proud Mum and justifiably so.


Tracey said...

Awwww you must be so proud, how brave they are to be performing in front of 900 people, and they certainly look like they are having a wonderful time, I love the way you captured the movement and the atmosphere, thanks for sharing and tell the girls - Well done from me, I think they are BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!! XXX