Monday, 3 March 2008

Mother's Day

All DH's family met up and went out for lunch on Mother's Day! Which consisted of Us and our 2, his brother and wife plus their girl and baby boy! His younger sister and her boy and girl, his older sister and husband plus their boy and of course DH's mum. So there was 5 mums , 3 daddy's and 6 kids! The lunch was fab, the kids had fun it was a really nice day! We then went back to MIL's house and one of the dads and one of the mums volunteered to take the kids to the park!! It was so nice to have quiet time with adult conversation, no kids squabbling, shouting, tears, etc....

These are the girls enjoying there Ice Cream after lunch....can you tell they didn't like it (LOL)

We decided to lock them up for some peace and quite!!!!


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LazyKay said...

Great pictures - what a shame they had to eat that dreadful ice cream - you are cruel!