Sunday, 9 December 2007

Poorly Aimee!!!

Carried on from the previous post....

When we got home Aimee started crying cause her mouth was sore, when I looked she had a huge mouth ulcer on her tongue, and red blotches on the roof of her mouth and blisters on her hands and feet. Rang up the out of hours GP, brought her in. She has the human version of Hand, foot and mouth (nothing like what cows get, freaked me out) and a ear infection in both her ears!!! Because it's infectious she can't go to school for a week, so she misses her play!!!!

I am angry as some other child has had this and their parents have said nothing about it, if they had we might of been more watchful! Aimee has been feeling unwell for about 3 days, I put it down to her having a cold!!!! I am going into the school tomorrow to let her teacher know and I have printed off some information for them to photocopy and pass out to the parents, as I feel it is important that parents aren't embarrassed about these things and should let other parents know!!!!

Thanks for reading my rant!!!

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