Friday, 3 August 2007

Birthday Cards

It's Steve's Mum's birthday on Sunday. And since I have begun crafting I hate buying pre-made cards now, so all cards sent by us is usually made by me.

I try to get the girls involved as much as I can, they do like to make their own cards, it is easier now because they are on holidays, hopefully the weather won't change, but if it does I might get them to start making their Christmas cards, that might keep them quite for a few days........or maybe not???

This is my card

I have used an Anna Griffin pack, that Steve's mum sent me. It is such a lovely pack, I use it only for special occasions.

I tried to scan in the paper and toppers before I cut them and used them, unfortunately the pink stripy paper didn't scan and I didn't notice until I went to do this post. I cut strips of the pink paper to make the criss-cross design. I then traced around a 2p to get the circles and punched little hearts all from the pink paper.

I then cut out the roses and the greeting, inked the edges with colorbox Old Rose cat's eye.
I punched the a hole in the greeting, and added a ribbon.

I stuck everything down unto the red design card, I used foam pads under the roses to give the card some definition.

This is the front of Aimee's Card

The inside of Aimee's card

This is Chloe's card

The girls have a shoebox that I fill up for them, they can take what they want from the box and I won't start freaking out that they are near MY PRECIOUS STASH. If I see something that they might use I will get and put it into the box for them. I also put a lot freebies from the many magazines that I get into the box too!!


Gail said...

Lovely cards Helena. I recognise quite a lot of the stash...Lets Make Cards, Flavia...looks like we read the same magazines!

micayla said...

Lovely cards Helena.
I know what you mean about stash sharing, I wouldnt share way!!!
Anywho, thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope to see you sometime on the board or in the shop. I will upload some of my layouts when I get the chance!
Have a fab weekend.

Tracey said...

These cards are gorgeous, I love the way you have got your girls involved and I think the shoebox idea is a brilliant one ( I do a little freaking out myself when I see little hands delving into my stash lol)

Hope you are having a good weekend xxx