Sunday, 10 June 2007

Dabble Day

On the Saturday the 9th of June, Paper Paradise held a Dabble Day for the Pink Rose Appeal. Crafters came and had a go at making cards, parchment craft and ATC's. Everyone donated some money for make and takes. The week before Sue asked me to look after the ATC table, as the person who was doing it couldn't make it due to illness. I was shocked, delighted, trilled and down right terrified. I had never done anything like this before. Sue and myself came up with 3 different ATC's and a tag based on ATC's, as it wasn't a class we kept the ATCs very simple using basic amount of materials. What we did use was the Miniature Themed Books from Crafty Individuals which are fantastic, must get some. I forgot to take a photo of the ATC's have to pop into Sue and get some photos taken as a memory more than anything. I really enjoyed the day and the ladies that came to my table seemed to have fun. Thank you Sue, I now know that I can do something like this and have fun doing it.


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Tracey said...

Well done you - I would have been terrified too, glad you enjoyed it Helena :)